We have the keys! I now have a new home in SF! This will bring an end to the relatively long, directionless "Moving" series of posts and any attending existential conflicts. I have retrieved and emptied all of the book boxes. There are at least 4 slated for reselling to Moe's. All poetry will henceforth be set aside for Cody. I have a whole lot of young adult sci-fi/fantasy that I have set aside for those with such proclivities. I also have an entire box of children's literature that it would be nice to loan to someone (or multiple someones) on a long-term basis. Do we know anyone who teaches elementary school? Still, I don't think I'm going to make it to 584.

Move-in day is Friday!


erica is going to be a teacher. She'd probably want kid books.

my mom is teaching 4th grade.

Are you saying your mom is more important than erica? There's only one way to find out: marbles tournament.

ooooooh. you're going down, erica.

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