Stratagem for Hostile Takeover of Duboce Triangle Apartment

  • Contract mercenaries to transport AEP (All Earthly Possessions) from Base 2 to target site´┐Żland incursion to take place at 08:00 Friday, September 5th
  • Transfer power
  • Position vehicular forces in Far East and use BART for covert reconnaissance
  • Change DMV registration to address of target site location
  • Redirect all incoming communications to target site
  • Call in special forces to operationalize target site
  • Notify remaining troops in occupied territories of equipment relocation
  • Register target site location with allied forces
  • Activate new communications devices
  • Obtain command of Vehicular forces from Enemy General
  • Set up rendez-vous at no-fire zone to obtain papers confirming command of vehicular forces and location of target site
  • Receive wireless communications device at 860.14.5.94114.1015
  • Check internet connectivity, possibly order cable modem service
  • Appeal to superiors for permission to permanently locate vehicular forces at target site
  • At Base 1:
    • acquire signatures for transfer of command of vehicular forces
    • retrieve communique of agreement for contracted forces


    [fancy dot] distribute excess book weight to needy castro-based allies

    [fancy dot] far east hostile takeover of castro based allies. eliminate excess book weight rival. reap benefits of young adult and children's lit expansion.

    [fancier dot] distribute excess kiddie lit to far east. distribute brainiac classics to castro-based allies.

    [fanciest dot] peace treaty witnessed and signed.

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