Moving: Part 4


How good are you at word problems?

I went to the storage space today to get more books. I had already taken out four boxes, and today I retrieved an additional eleven. There appear to be at least eight left inside. We left Chicago with approximately seventeen.

I can only conclude that they are breeding in the night.

What is a reasonable number of books to have? Please comment.


Just one, the good book.

but if you add the bad book, you'll have an antimatter-matter explosion. it'll be fun. do it now.

you need the good book and every volume of the left behind series. otherwise you may get, well, you know.

As many as you might possibly ever want. Budget? Shelf space? These are mere details to be addressed as the need arises.

One can never amass too much knowledge.

I ain't never had much need fer dem dar things with the scribbles in 'em.

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