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I bought a house!


It's on 14th street between Walter and Sanchez (four houses down from where I currently live).

It's HUGE--tax records say 1550 sq. ft.. It has tons of light--top floor with south and north facing bay windows. It is three bedrooms with two recently rennovated baths. It has a giant re-done kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. It has parking, and storage, and a nice shady garden in back with mature trees. I put pictures up under the album title New-House (but I had to recognize your username for you to see it). This is a sketch of the floorplan.

It has a couple of not-so-great things that I'm going to fix, hopefully before we move in. There are pocket doors between two of the bedrooms that will become a wall (preferably with sound-proofing). There are two useless partial walls around the dining room that will come out to create a "great room" (i.e. giant living room/dining room/kitchen). There is ugly wainscotting on the stairs and in the living room that I will take down. Most of it is painted ugly, dark colors, like mauve, puce, and grey. So get ready for a painting party. Oh, and I'd like to put in some cheap skylights. While this sounds like a lot of work, it really won't
take long or cost that much when you consider that most such places go for 15% over asking these days and I didn't pay a penny. So, yeah, it's gonna be great!

Proposed Move in: August 1.


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