I bought a house!


It's on 14th street between Walter and Sanchez (four houses down from where I currently live).

It's HUGE--tax records say 1550 sq. ft.. It has tons of light--top floor with south and north facing bay windows. It is three bedrooms with two recently rennovated baths. It has a giant re-done kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. It has parking, and storage, and a nice shady garden in back with mature trees. I put pictures up under the album title New-House (but I had to recognize your username for you to see it). This is a sketch of the floorplan.

It has a couple of not-so-great things that I'm going to fix, hopefully before we move in. There are pocket doors between two of the bedrooms that will become a wall (preferably with sound-proofing). There are two useless partial walls around the dining room that will come out to create a "great room" (i.e. giant living room/dining room/kitchen). There is ugly wainscotting on the stairs and in the living room that I will take down. Most of it is painted ugly, dark colors, like mauve, puce, and grey. So get ready for a painting party. Oh, and I'd like to put in some cheap skylights. While this sounds like a lot of work, it really won't
take long or cost that much when you consider that most such places go for 15% over asking these days and I didn't pay a penny. So, yeah, it's gonna be great!

Proposed Move in: August 1.



Is that "didn't pay a penny over asking price" or "didn't pay a penny for the house at all"? 'Cause if it's the latter, I should really look into this.

also, now that you're only moving 4 doors away are you still going with the moving service? or would you prefer the moving service known as your friends and neighbors?

christine: yeyeyeyeyey!! congratulations! i'm glad the dood and the water rights issue got cleared up. are you going to start painting on august 1 or actually move in august 1? because seriously those colors are HORRID. what were they thinking? my point here is that i love painting and would love to help paint. and i get back from london on july 31st, so if you're painting august 1st, me and my jet-legged incomprehensible self will try to be there.

dianna: i think she actually managed to pay less than asking price. but also she didn't spend a penny anyway since techinically it was her parent's money.

Dianna: She didn't pay a penny over asking price.

Kristen: I think we're still getting movers, b/c there are a couple pieces of furniture (the kitchen table, mainly) which are particularly heavy. Ask Gene about the table.

Michele: I think we can't paint until August 1st, so we'd love for you to huff fumes with us.

Christine: What happened to the pictures? I thought you were going to post them here. Well, in the meantime, they're still available on the realtor's site.

she posted them on eloise. you just have to go and log-on to see them.

I'm confused. The realtor's site lists it as a top-floor flat... did you buy the top floor, or the whole house? Can you buy just one floor of a building? How does that work? Who owns the structural stuff in between floors? Where's the puce? Is there one T in wainscoting or two?

And why can't I log in to eloise? Geeeeeeeene!

only the top floor. you can buy only only floor of a building. i don't know about the structural stuff or the sidewalk or anything. all the pictures on eloise are the same as the one's on the realtor's site, so don't worry you're not missing out.

wainscotting, wainscoting. i think either is fine. buddha, Buddha.

Ah, thank you. Buddhabuddhabuddha. That's a lovely house, by the way. I realize I forgot to mention that. Good job, Christine.

Thanks everybody! The dining room is puce. It was redundant to say maroon and puce, but the real crime is painting the living room beige with a chartreuse undertone when it opens to the puce dining room.

As for the common area stuff, like things between the floors, the backyard, storage, etc., everybody has an equal interest in it (i.e. we share, just like in a condo).

Wainscotting or wainscoting can remarkably be spelled with either one or two t's. Both are in the dictionary.

On the subject of movers, I intend to sell much of our soon to be useless stuff on craigslist. Then I will hire a couple of thug-like guys to carry all the heavy stuff and you guys can help with the stuff that isn't worth their time. Even though it's only four doors down, it's three flights down and then three flights up. You really don't want to do that too many times.

Finally, as for painting, I can't do anything until the other people move out, which should be end of July. If I'm really lucky, I can contractors in there to do the big stuff during the end of July so that we can move in August 1 and stop paying rent. If the landlord is open to letting us prorate the rent for a couple of days, then we can take some time to paint before moving in. Otherwise it will likely mean huge piles of stuff in the middle of the rooms while we sleep over at various people's house to escape the fumes (not my first choice, but still better than living in puce and chartreuse house.

Wainscotting takes 2 Ts if you place the emphasis on the second syllable and 1 T if you place the emphasis on the first T.

Congratulations on your house! I am simultaneously very happy for you, and also jealous. Yay Christine.

Also, I have been running with your advice, as the best advice I had to run with, and it's been working out all right.

Love ya.


Er, by the first T I mean the first syllable. Posting from work.



I love you too. Carolyn said that it was working out well. She also copped to giving you the same advice, so you can lay off the flattery. I love you all the same.

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