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Last night I went to opening night of the ballet here in San Francisco. I have long been a serious fan of opera, much to Danny and Sean's dismay, but had never particularly liked ballet. However, I had also never seen much more than the Nutcracker. Last night, I discovered abstract ballet. I can't describe it. The closest I could come is "more grace, less tulle." It is breathtaking. All the abstract pieces, (including a stellar Dave Brubeck world premiere) are in Program 8, May 25-April 6th. Would anyone like to go?


that was the other one i wanted to go to! the one i tried to get you to go to but then you didn't reply forever and ever and then i settled for forcing you to go to swan lake instead.

when is that one? i want to go, but i'm applying for this job right now where i wouldn't be around till after like may 20th.

Well, lucky for you it doesn't start till after May 20th. Let's go!

sweet. you can buy us tickets in the same section i bought tickets for swan lake and then we will be even. unless you want better seats?

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