Absurd Habits of Not-So-Famous Rich People

I happen to know some pretty wealthy people, and have been writing a series of blog entries about their absurd habits entitled “Absurd Habits of Not-So-Famous Rich People.” Unfortunately, I can’t publish any of it for several years as it might prove incriminating with the IRS.

However a recent problem of said rich people combined with my predilection for digging through obscure statistics to evaluate events has led me to search for an algorithm that will predict consistent short-term gains in the stock market. I have been advised not to publish my “Killer App” since if it’s successful, others might use it and change the market. I highly doubt that, but one must follow the advice of one’s insane rich friends. Last night I back-tested my algorithm for December 16th to the present and evaluated the one month gains. It looks like I would have averaged 42%. So last night I ran the same algorithm for yesterday and it picked two stocks. I will be watching them for a month and we’ll see how they do.

Hubris, thy name is Prometheus.

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