Originally written September 16, 2004

As I was walking home from the gym today, I decided to take stock of my life. I looked at my life in terms of the way I've been spending my time and decided to clarify some of my values. First of all, I think this whole philosophy thing has been a real dud. After all, where has it gotten me? Nowhere but nerddom. What I really need to do is embrace my culture, acknowledge my roots. So I think it's about time I started focusing on money. Money will earn me a little decadence, some luxury, and a steady dose of pleasure. Because that's what I really need, a little more pleasure. Plus it will bring me the added bonus of pride--the much sought after ability to lord my superior position in life over others. And pride will only compound my pleasure, a tidy return if I don't say so myself. Plus, if I keep working out at the gym, I can get me a little vanity on the side, and wouldn't that be nice, hmm? Now, I really am a fan of sloth, but our Protestant ethic just doesn't hold with it, so I'm gonna have to let that one go.

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