A little bit ago, I asked Gene to invite me to join him on Orkut.com, a network like Friendster, but with better software. I listed Katabasis as my webpage and have actually had people write me email about posts here (though Gene says he never gets email from Orkut). It's so bizarre . So I decided to go look through what I had been posting lately and see what these people are seeing. I discovered that I never posted "Culinary Expedition, Part 3," the real gem in the series that shows my stalwart crush on Neal (who seems to have disappeared from Safeway, sadly enough). I also haven't given you any indication of what else I have been spending my time on. So here are the links to the new stuff:

"The Greatest Movies Ever Made"--Could I be any clearer?

"Culinary Expedition, Part 3" in the context of the four-post series. Scroll down to about December.

Triathablog--my mind takes a break as I chronicle my obsessive calorie-counting attempts to train for my first triathlon in three years.

It's not as good as a new short from Homestarrunner.com, but it'll do. Hopefully, after I return from Peru I will get back to some of the meatier investigations, but we'll see.


triathablog isn't working!

why, but oh why, are you not currently dating neal? is he gay? i could accept that as a reason.

I fixed it. Changed :
<a href="www.twinmills.com/v-web/b2/">

to :

<a href="http://www.twinmills.com/v-web/b2/">

Also, if you guys are into the Triathablog, you may want to check out Pat Byron's (yes, Pat from college park) record of his body modification and how it went. more here Plus you can marvel at how the Pat that we know has become a muscle man. Enjoy.

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