Crisco: Not just for baking anymore!


So. tomorrow ends week two of my life as a public school teacher. I have nothing interesting to say about it, which clearly means I'm taking it too seriously. Tomorrow we will compare 2pac Shakur to Shakespeare. Perhaps by way of explanation I will treat you to my favorite kid anecdote thus far.

I wrote a letter to all my students about my experience with reading and writing and asked them to write back. One wrote (errors maintained):

I took 9th grade ENGLISH in 8th grade. We read a huge book which was a classic. I'm not sure I you know the book "Count of Monte Crisco." I don't like reading and this was the largest book I read.


I like the 2pac idea. one of my profs has announced his intention to use eminem as well as eliot to explain complex metaphors to us. i think i like that one less though, because i am not in 10th grade.

I hear the phrase "I don't read" so often down here in So Cal. It's like high school all over again!

Sounds like a great idea! I've been teaching English for 15 years, and it still amazes me the efforts we put forth to make the beauty and complexity of the language accessible to the kids! Bravo, and savor these memories (the good *and* the bad)!

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