My Perfect Life


Some of you may be wondering what has become of me lately. Those who only read my intermittent, topical posts can hardly be said to have noticed my absence, what with the unrelenting hubbub of the holiday season and all. But those of you who live in our little commune may indeed be wondering. A great many things have occurred recently that have moved me ever closer to the modern American dream.

  1. I got a job, and not just any job, the perfect job.
  2. My old car finally passed on to a better place, affording me the chance to buy a new car, and not just any car, the perfect car.
  3. The Chrismas orgy of commerce brought me only the things I wanted, and not just any things, the perfect things, like C.K. shirts and D.K.N.Y shoes.

There is also Christmas cash that can help me acquire the remaining necessaries for my perfect life. I may buy furniture. I could tell myself: this is the last sofa I'll ever need. No matter what else happens, I've got the sofa issue handled. Then, the right set of dishes. The right dinette.

Do I need to be delivered?

Who knows? Maybe I do feel trapped and desperate. Maybe I am trying to impress the world by buying too many things. A significant portion of my furniture is Swedish--I have a Eurotrash bookshelf. I even consider myself better than others for buying a New Beetle instead of a Honda Civic. I grow more upwardly mobile by the minute.

Yet tomorrow I head to LA to mourn the passing of my uncle, my favorite aunt's life companion, and by all her accounts, the best of men. They were married thirty-five years and for months he had been dying of pancreatic cancer. When I face her at his grave, we will see how much of my soul is left.


Congratulations on your newly perfect life. You might still have a soul, but life's a trade-off.

big congratulations on the job! I can't wait to hear about it. also, condolences for whatever unhappiness you have right now. call me when you get back in town, unless you already are, in which case call me right now.

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