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I didn’t do anything to deserve it. It’s the most absurd stroke of good luck I have yet received. As it turns out, there were four offers (including mine) that were all very close—within what I imagine to be about fifty thousand dollars of each other. Instead of countering, the sellers read the letter I submitted with my offer and decided I was the person they wanted to sell to. It’s so incredible. I think what persuaded them was the fact that I teach kids how to read and they have a daughter with a learning disability. So being a do-gooder does pay after all.

The house is gorgeous. It’s a top-floor flat with everything we could want.

It has three bedrooms, though one is small.

It’s on a beautiful street with storybook views of other Victorians.

It has a fireplace...

a glassed-in China cabinet...

(in the dining room with box-beamed ceilings)

and a remodeled kitchen...


Oh, and we get a back yard!

There's lots of other neat stuff I don't have pictures of, like a glassed in area in the garden, big storage rooms downstairs, and the porch sitting area.

Proposed move-in day: October 1st.


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