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Newsflash: I am snuggly.

Tonight I went to a party in the Castro with one of my co-workers. There was a girl there of seven, who was looking for someone to play with, and we, being professionals, took it upon ourselves to entertain her. My friend tickled her out of the hickups and I taught her about mistletoe actually being a parasite, despite its romantic Christmas traditions. She put her arm around me and started rubbing my shoulder. When she got sleepy, she fell asleep on me. Earlier this week a six-year-old wrapped herself around my leg and laid her head against my stomach. Some of this just comes from being around little kids, who are themselves snuggly, but I think it's significant that I am the snuggliest of the adults they know. So there it is, kids find me snuggly, boys--not so much.

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