"Can't Buy Me Love"

Since a number of family and friends have remarked that I am the hardest person in the world to shop for, I have decided to make it easier on you all this season. You may now avert the crushing shame of failing to give thoughtful presents on socially-designated occasions by reading this page about my preferences, or going to my Amazon.com Wish List:





Contrary to popular belief, I have not read everything and there are books I still plan to buy. The criteria are these:

  1. They must be of outstanding literary quality if fiction, such that I would be required to make my own notes in the copy and could not simply borrow it from the library (Nobel prize-winners and cult classics are good places to start).
  2. Translations should be well-researched and authoritative (W.W. Norton usually has excellent editions).
  3. Paperbacks are fine, but trade paper, not mass-market.
  4. Non-fiction should be seminal works in a field or contain the very latest information available. Pulitzer-prize winning synthesizers are sometimes good also.

You are safer steering toward the twentieth century, but are welcome to check my database for books I already have.

Of particular interset to me are the following: